As I am a blogger about (on-line) marketing on Marketingfacts, one of the major marketing blogs in The Netherlands, I was working on an idea about how to use crowd sourcing for innovation and marketing.

At the same time there was a bankruptcy of a well-know, not very loved by the public, bank named DSB Bank. The total process towards this bankruptcy was all over the news already for more than two weeks. For weeks on every talk show or news show there was the founder of the bank, (Dirk Scheringa), a guy that made a call for a bank run on national TV (Pieter Lakeman) and our minister of finance (Wouter Bos). So I was a little fed up about it. One important thing to know is that due to the crisis some of the major banks in the Netherlands were supported and acquired by the Dutch government (the taxpayers). When a bank like DSB Bank falls there is a law in the Netherlands that guarantees people to get their savings back up to 100.000 euro. This guarantee is paid by a fund that is owned by the other banks. And in fact by the taxpayers. So we all have to pay for this. One of the major reasons there was a call for a bank run is that the bank worked with some suspicious products with provisions for the salespeople up to 80%.

An idea is born
So I heard only news about this bank. Day in day out. And all I heard was the owner, the bank runner and other involved people, but not the ones that needed to pay: The Crowd.

So when the former owner announced that he would write a book about his bank and make a movie, I came up with the idea to make a crowd sourced movie for free and for everyone freely available. This was October 20th 2009.